Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Luke, Chapter 20 part 1

In the days after Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem He spent many days preaching in the temple. During that time, many people questioned his authority, but they were misguided in their questioning. To me, this shows one of the low points in human history. The Pharisees, as we see in this chapter, were all about questioning Him, but they couldn’t answer a simple question in return for fear they would look like they were losing their status.

This is just cowardly. I am ashamed to be a human being because of the actions of the Pharisees. They stood to learn the most from Jesus’ teaching by actually being there in person, yet they rejected him because of their own selfish nature. This entire passage focus on humanity’s selfish nature, but in it we see the very reason why we are in need of redemption. It could only be given freely as a gift to those who want it because we rejected Christ when He was actually here.

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