Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Steam Team

I would like to introduce you to the Steam Team, a handy place that takes care of all your needs when when it is way too humid in your house. When thinking of house problems while living in Austin, Texas you have to concern the Steam Team as your top source. These guys do a great job on all types of surfaces and in taking care of all your air quality needs.

It is not just carpet they excel in. The Steam Team does excellent work with water damage wood floors austin. They are also experts in power washing Which is something I could definitely use with all this snow and ice. it is a good thing these guys are there for all my expert cleaning needs.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Everyone knows that Michael Scott had an exotic journey to Canada during season five of the Office. it was a great business trip, and one I would like to repeat soon. one of my closest friends is working in buffalo, so it means a trip to Niagara Falls is likely in my near future. If you take just a short jump across the boarder you are in the land of hockey, curling, and cheap over the counter drugs.

Canada drugs are great because their socialized healthcare system allows them to have drugs at much lower prices than here in the U.S. It is amazing how much lower prices can be on stuff you need when heartless insurance companies are not involved. For example, if you want to buy nexium it is much cheaper with our neighbors to the north. Just be careful going through customs.