Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CV Joints

I left my home state of Montana a year and a half later, after graduation. Tiffany was long gone and through the remainder of my junior and senior years I isolated myself and concentrated on my studies. I had enjoyed and excelled at history, so I concentrated on getting a scholarship to Stanford and their history program. I knew Stanford is not known for their history program, but I wanted to be about as diametrically opposite from Lewistown, Montana, as you could get. Though my parents could easily afford to send me away to college themselves, I chose to earn my own way, not that they ever meddled in my affairs much anyway. I was tired of their handouts and the snide comments that came with them. I had my fair share even after I got my full ride, but I didn’t care. I knew the truth. 
So I works int he summer. I works with CV Joints and learned how to install a

CV Joint in a Metal Fabrication shop to pay the bills. It wasn't much, but it worked.

That first dream took its toll on me as well. Not only did it cost me Tiffany, who went her own way to the East Coast not too long afterward, but it took my freedom and last refuge of solitude as well. It began to take a life of its own, as I had the exact same opening dream for a solid week after that night. I became obsessed with a woman I knew simply did not exist. Nothing could get my mind off of her. Though not an artist, I would spend idle moments in my classes sketching her in the back of a worn, loose-leaf sketchbook that I carried with me. It was the same sketchbook that was a constant fixture in my backpack during my four years at Stanford. It is the sketchbook I found again three days ago in the attic, buried deep within a box of old textbooks and school yearbooks that I was separating in order to give away to Goodwill. Thankfully, Megan was not home when I found it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


In the world of college basketball, a scrub is someone who sits the bench and cheers wildly in every game while in custom made scrubs These guys are college basketball players that are great in practice, but they can never seem to crack the game. I have given them great names in the past such as the Walk-On WhiteOut and the Bastard Sons of Bobby Buckets. These guys are not going to be playing professionally once they are done on campus.

While some may decide to pursue a career in nursing, the will need cotton scrubs. They will need their own uniforms as manly male nurses. That, or they can become doctors to further the cause of boilermakers everywhere. These guys will work hard, so they need the right products to look good while they do so.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Honestly, I don't have a whole lot to appraise. If some identity thief tried to take all of my stuff they would be sorely disappointed. I mean come on, what are you going to appraise, my collection of Purdue football programs or my many copies of the Simpsons Seasons on DVD. It is a pretty pathetic amount of stuff.

Bullion is a slightly different story, however. When the glorious day comes that I will finally be able to own a home as opposed to rent I will definitely need some gold bullion to pay for it. With a gold IRA I can finally afford the value of the home I want to purchase, thus allowing me to make a better informed decision.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poker Sites

I'd like to take a minute to talk about Poker. Why poker? Well, I don't find a problem with a little wager here and there between friends. Unfortunately, I have a lot of friends that live around the country. My best friend is about to move to Buffalo. A good portion of my friends still in Kokomo. I also have friends in Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, and North Carolina. That makes it hard to get together for a weekly game.

Fortunately, we're familiar with the best Poker Sites USA. These include some of the best online casinos for USA Players. Best US poker sites allows us to get together, despite time zones, and play against each other at any time. We've all come a long way fromt he days of rollin' on the west-side of Kokomo. Now we can play without going to Vegas or even leaving our homes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Steam Team

I would like to introduce you to the Steam Team, a handy place that takes care of all your needs when when it is way too humid in your house. When thinking of house problems while living in Austin, Texas you have to concern the Steam Team as your top source. These guys do a great job on all types of surfaces and in taking care of all your air quality needs.

It is not just carpet they excel in. The Steam Team does excellent work with water damage wood floors austin. They are also experts in power washing Which is something I could definitely use with all this snow and ice. it is a good thing these guys are there for all my expert cleaning needs.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Everyone knows that Michael Scott had an exotic journey to Canada during season five of the Office. it was a great business trip, and one I would like to repeat soon. one of my closest friends is working in buffalo, so it means a trip to Niagara Falls is likely in my near future. If you take just a short jump across the boarder you are in the land of hockey, curling, and cheap over the counter drugs.

Canada drugs are great because their socialized healthcare system allows them to have drugs at much lower prices than here in the U.S. It is amazing how much lower prices can be on stuff you need when heartless insurance companies are not involved. For example, if you want to buy nexium it is much cheaper with our neighbors to the north. Just be careful going through customs.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When it comes to choir robes, they are much different than nursing scrubs. These nursing scrubs are often dusty in the back of the choir room, being worn only a few times a year. That is why medical scrubs are much more versatile because they come in assorted colors and are worn nearly every day by professionals that performt he duties that keep us healthy.

Most of these people are nurses and doctors, and they should need a uniforms. These products not only make them look official, they help them carry all the critical equipment needed for their profession. Like anything else, they are a critical tool for the job.