Monday, October 26, 2009

Proverbs, chapter 10

In Proverbs 10 today we see the theme of Proverbs change slightly. The book now is not focusing on a single thought, but rather on a collection of thoughts and advice from King Solomon. This is a good idea because you can almost take what you want from it. Since I believe the Bible is the living Word of God, I believe it can speak to me at different times. If I read a verse one day it may not mean much depending on my circumstances at the time. If I read the same verse years later it can feel like a lightning bolt revelation. I don’t see any of those revelations today, but I do see some good things in the context of the moment.

7 The memory of the righteous will be a blessing,
but the name of the wicked will rot. – Proverbs 10:7

My wife and I recently moved to a larger apartment in our same building. The place we had lived for almost the last five years, since we got married, was getting too small for us. As we finished moving things out yesterday, however, there was a very sad moment. We would never again see our first home together. The walls were bare, the floors were empty, and the only reminders that we were ever there for so long were some nail holes in the wall. Just before I turned the keys in this morning I went back upstairs and did one last walkthrough of place. I prayed that God’s love, mercy, grace, peace, strength, and everything else would be poured out upon anyone who lives there after us until He returns.

How does this relate to the verse above? I want my memory to be a blessing upon those after me, even if I never meet them. I will likely never meet the people that live int hat apartment after me. I still pray for them. I still want them to receive God’s blessing and mercies. That is why I think it links in with this next verse:

17 He who heeds discipline shows the way to life,
but whoever ignores correction leads others astray. – Proverbs 10:17

I know that part of my discipline means that I must always seek the kingdom of God. I must always be willing to impart that gift on others. This morning’s gesture may have been a silly thing. I likely will forget about it and not know any results until after I am dead, but I still did it because I feel God called me to do it. I pray that you will have a similar type of discipline this day.

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