Thursday, October 9, 2008

Genesis 25

I wanted to thank my readers this morning before I get started. To Michelle, the answer to your question is that Veritas is the Latin word for Truth. It is the one-word creed for Harvard University, so it really stood out to me, especially since Harvard has deep Christian roots in its founding. To Debra, Michelle, and the anonymous Friend in Florida, I thank you for reading. I hope you are all getting as much from reading along in this as I am as I go through these different chapters. Since this is the last day for the life of Abraham, feel free to suggest any other books you might like to discuss. Since I publish this on the fly at work, I don’t check things as much as I should, but I promise to do more of it in the evenings once I get home.

As mentioned above, today is the last day on the life of Abraham. Genesis 25 marks his passing at the age of 175. Throughout his life God blessed Abraham. He even had more than 70 years with his son Isaac. Though he accomplished much and was well-blessed throughout his life, his death is actually very quiet. We see greater detail in the death of his grandson, Jacob, much later in Genesis. Here, Abraham quietly passes on, handing off the responsibility of his blessing to Isaac.

7 Altogether, Abraham lived a hundred and seventy-five years. 8 Then Abraham breathed his last and died at a good old age, an old man and full of years; and he was gathered to his people. – Genesis 25:7-8

That is how Abraham leaves us. There is no grand pronouncement of knowledge on his deathbed. He died much like he lived, in quiet assurance that the Lord was in full control. Maybe that is why there is no grand speech at the end. He knew that his life was represented in how he lived. The Lord would remember him that way throughout the centuries. The example he set forth would then be remembered, not mere words. That is the biggest thing we can take from this.

Personally, this journey through Abraham’s life has spoken directly to my heart. As I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s lesson, I feel like the Lord has tried to tell me quite a bit about moving forward in my own faith. As I write this, I still do not have an answer as far as what direction God wants me to go with these jobs, but I feel so much better at leaving the decision entirely to him. If He wants me at the job I prefer, He’ll have them offer and I will take it. If He wants me where I am at, something will prevent the other offer from coming through. I have even prayed that hH will then bless those people with someone better than I since they are pretty high on me at the moment. Abraham teaches so much trust. How can I not follow this example?

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