Friday, October 31, 2008

1 Samuel 21

There isn’t much to take from this chapter today. Essentially it tells us that David went from one place to another as he fled from the wraith of Saul. We see him regain Goliath’s sword, then he goes on to Gath and acts as a madman in order to hide out further. What can we gain from this? It certainly doesn’t seem as if there is some deep lesson to be learned here.

Sometimes we have to lower ourselves before we can be given the glory of God. This is what David had to do. It is somewhat similar to Moses, who had to flee his people for awhile and live in the wilderness. This is merely David doing what he had to do in order to survive. He knew God had a higher purpose for him, but now was not the time for that purpose. This is how I feel in my life as I sit in a job that continues to have little value to me. I do it because God needs me here at the moment, but I know there is more in store.

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