Wednesday, April 15, 2009

John, chapter 2

I need the Word today. Before I even opened my Bible (or, in this case, brought it up on the screen) I knew I needed some encouragement from the Word. I feel like I have made some short term bad decisions the past couple of days. They aren’t major mistakes and in the end mean very little, but I tend to let these things eat at me until I think about nothing else but those mistakes.

Today’s word continues in the theme that John laid out of Jesus’ divinity. We see Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine and we also see him clearing the temple of money changers and thieves. In both, the focus is Jesus’ divine glory. We see that Jesus does both with confidence and authority. This authority is incredibly important because He needed to have that backing in order to pull off these audacious stunts.

And they were audacious. Turning water into wine isn’t exactly a common job skill. As far as clearing the temple, that was about as bold as Jesus ever got in human form. He stood up to the authorities that were allegedly in charge of His Father’s house and coldly corrected what they were doing wrong. WE can learn from this by boldly following in His teachings.

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